Tiffany with our standard poodle, Vega of Pemper House, in a field.

Welcome to Pemper House, breeders of quality Standard Poodles located approximately 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!  We hope you enjoy looking around our site and getting to know more about us and our dogs.

You do not have to be local to purchase a puppy from us, we have multiple methods to accommodate customers near and far within the US. We do not ship our puppies in cargo, but we do have a dedicated flight nanny for any distant customers.

LUNA & ODIN litter, 1 Puppy IS STILL AVAILABLE, check out their litter page by clicking HERE, or look at their individual pages here LUNA and ODIN

If interested in a Pemper House Poodle, please contact us.

Please Contact Us for more information about these upcoming litters, or to place a deposit on a future litter…

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Also, please have a look at our FAQ for a lot of information about our pups as well as each dog’s individual page under Our Dogs.

We register all health tests accepted by OFA to their organization. This allows research of health histories to help lower the occurrence of  orthopedic and genetic diseases.

Embark is a lab that we use which does genetic health testing for animals. Dogs are tested for over 200 genetic diseases.

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