About Us

We are located about 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, in the south eastern corner of Butler County. We are a family run business, breeding Standard Poodles out of our home. Growing up, I’ve always been around dog breeding. When I was young, my mother bred Collies and Shih-tzus. When I was old enough, I partnered with her in raising German Shepherds. I had my first breeding pair registered in my name by the age of 14. Due to our good reputation as responsible breeders and the quality of dogs that we were producing, some of our Shepherds were sold to police officers as well as for search and rescue. My mother retired from breeding after many years and I went onto become a Registered Nurse. I worked as a nurse for ten years until I became pregnant with my daughter and decided I needed a change. That change was getting into breeding dogs again.

So here we are! My husband and I sought out puppies to raise that we felt would have great breeding potential. We have dogs from many states including Oregon, California,  Missouri, Arizona, and Ohio. Being a Registered Nurse and an animal lover, I am determined to only breed healthy dogs. When you welcome a puppy or dog into your life, they become a part of your family. The last thing you want is the heartache involved in having a dog with a genetic illness that could’ve been prevented with proper breeding. That is why we do a lot of research on other breeders before we decide to buy a puppy for our program. We will only buy from breeders that take great care of their dogs and that have properly health tested prior to breeding. We have passed up many opportunities to get dogs or puppies to add to our program because they did not meet our criteria.

Even though our dogs come from healthy lines, we still genetically test all of them before breeding to ensure they are healthy and non-carriers of diseases that can commonly affect them. We also check their hips to ensure there are no abnormalities or signs of dysplasia.

A dogs health is only part of the equation. We know how important it is to have a dog that is not only healthy but also has a solid temperament, which is why another focus of our breeding program is to only breed dogs with great, stable temperaments. Every dog is different and temperaments can vary greatly even within the same breed. Since we do not have a kennel set up, our dogs are a part of our everyday lives. They grow up in our home with us, getting love and attention daily, so we know their personalities!
When we have a litter due, the puppies are born in a quiet room to ensure the mom is not stressed taking care of her new babies. We do early neurological stimulation (ENS) which involves holding the puppies in different positions, touching their paws, and placing them on a cool wet washcloth (only for a few seconds) every day. A lot of research has been done on ENS, proving it helps puppies become more well adjusted dogs. When old enough, the puppies are moved into our main living area where they will be exposed to everyday household noises and movements, making it easier for them to adjust when they go onto live in their new homes.
We promise to do our best setting your puppy up for success by handling with care.

As breeders, it is important to us that we do what we can to get the puppies off to a good start, then it’s up to you to continue shaping them into that perfect family member!

I am always looking to further my knowledge about dogs and how to be a better breeder. Even with experience, I believe there is always more to learn. I have completed numerous courses through the AKC and am working on more. You can view my certificates below.