AKC Black and Cream Phantom Standard Poodle Male

Height: 22 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 37 lbs

Atlas, or as my daughter lovingly calls him “Baby”, is…perfect. Can you tell I have a soft spot for this guy? He is a smaller Standard, even on the petite side. He is super smart and willing to please. Everything has been easy with him, easy to housebreak, easy to teach manners, great to take places, enjoys meeting new people. He listens well even to our 3 year old daughter. She can call him from another part of the house and he goes running to her. He’ll hang out in her playhouse with her while she makes him “tea”. Atlas is a sweetheart that wants to be a lapdog. He gets along great with other dogs but prefers to spend most of his time with people. He is a Poodle that doesn’t like to get wet from the rain, he will dip his toes in the creek though and enjoys hikes. He’s goes to stores with us and has even done well at Lowes on a very busy day. He loved all of the attention he got!

Family history:

Mother is an AKC Black and Brown Phantom Standard Poodle, clear on genetic panel. OFA hips: Good, OFA elbows: normal
Maternal Grandfather: OFA hips: Good
Father is an AKC Tri – Brown and White Parti Standard Poodle, clear on genetic panel, OFA hips: Excellent, OFA elbows: normal, OFA eye evaluation: clear

Health info:

Atlas is clear and a non-carrier on his genetic panel.

Degenerative myelopathy: N/N
Von Willebrands: N/N
Progressive retinal atrophy (prcd): N/N
Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures: N/N
Atlas’ hips were evaluated by our veterinarian who has extensive experience in orthopaedic x-rays and NO hip dysplasia was observed.
Hips: Good to Excellent
Day Blindness/Retinal: Clear
Rod Cone Dysplasia: Clear

You can view his health testing and hip x-ray below.