AKC Black and White Standard Poodle Female

Height: 24 inches
Weight: 48 Lbs.

Luna is a future mom for us. We are so excited to add her to our breeding program as she comes from show lines. Luna is a great girl.  She is super sweet, always wanting to be near me and be touching me. She is like my foot warmer. If I’m out in the kitchen doing dishes, she is sitting on my feet, if I’m standing out in the yard, she is sitting on my feet! She was a breeze to potty train and crate train. She plays well with other dogs as well as our daughter.

Family history:

Mother is an AKC Black Standard Poodle, UKC Conformation Champion, clear on genetic panel
Maternal Grandfather: Hips: OFA Good, Elbows: normal, OFA Thyroid: normal
Maternal Grandmother: Hips: OFA Good, Elbows: normal
Father is an AKC Black and White Parti coming from UKC Champion lines, clear on genetic panel. OFA hips: Good.
Paternal Grandfather: Hips: OFA Fair
Paternal Grandmother: Hips: OFA Excellent,  Elbows:normal

Health info:

Luna is clear and a non-carrier on her genetic panel.
Degenerative myelopathy: N/N
Von Willebrands: N/N
Progressive retinal atrophy (prcd): N/N
Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures: N/N

Cardiovascular: OFA Clear (OFA document shown below)
Elbows: OFA Normal (OFA document shown below)
Patellas: OFA Normal (OFA document shown below)
Hips: OFA Good (OFA document shown below)

You can view her health testing below.