Products and Resources

All of the products and services below are ones that we currently use or have used and recommend. Every item is clickable to go directly to a website to purchase.

Many of the items, if purchased through this page, will give us a small commission and we do greatly appreciate it.

I am just getting this page going, but will continue adding more of the items I have in the New Puppy Supply List, as well as some other great products.

I like the above brush in particular because of the coated tips, making it more gentle on the skin.

Best smelling puppy shampoo.

Gentle puppy shampoo

Pumpkin Patch Up- great for upset stomachs or sensitive GI systems. I always keep these in stock.

Crumps Naturals Mini Trainers- only one ingredient

Ruffware Front Range Harness: I use a martingale collar when training our personal puppies but I know some like to start their puppy out on a harness, and this has been recommended by customers of ours.